The Guest of honor, The Honorable Principal Judge 

The Justice of Court of Appeal 

The Judges of the High Court 

The Honorable Members of Parliament 

The Chief Registrar of Courts of Judicature 

The Commissioner Human Resource Judiciary 

The Principal Assistant Secretary to the Judiciary Hajj Hirome 

The Dignitaries in Academia (Professors and Doctors) 

Your Worships present 

The President UMLAS and his team 

The Commissioner Land Registration 

The Office of the DPP Attorneys present. 

The Office of The Attorney General staff present. 

The Technical staff of the Judiciary 

All guests 


I want to thank the almighty Allah who has given us the gift of life and kept us healthy up to today. I welcome you all to out inaugural and annual dinner as Judiciary Muslims Association. This is the first of its kind. 

We thank you the Guest of honor for honoring our invitation and sparing time to attend to this function. May Allah reward you abundantly! 

Uganda Muslims Association started about 3 years back and we have been operating in low key trying to strategize and legalize our operations. It’s an association that brings together all Muslims working in the Judiciary at all levels country wide and retired Muslim employees of the Judiciary. 

Our main objectives are. 

  • To unite all Muslims in the Judiciary. 
  • Be a voice for Muslims employees of the Judiciary and lobby for opportunities. 
  • To cater for the welfare of all Muslims in the Judiciary. 
  • Establish a mentorship and disciplinary programme for all members. 
  • Establish and maintain charity projects. 
  • Establish and operate a Halal Savings and Credit SACCO/ Revolving Fund 
  • Help members in furtherance of their secular and Islamic education. 
  • Seek and create strategic partnerships with other organizations that share similar objectives. 
  •  Organize and hold legal educational and Islamic seminars with an aim of helping Muslim communities. 
  • Own and possess such properties that can further the objectives of the association. 

The association has a membership of over one hundred people and we hope with time and the continuing recruitment of officials, the membership to grow. 

We aim to be a very professional Muslims Association that the Judiciary can have pride in and rely on for every task. This shall be achieved through mentorship programs under which senior members of the Association shall endeavor to mentor the young ones, pass onto them the best life skills and discipline that can shape them to be highly qualified Judicial Officers and Staff. 

My Lord the Principal Judge for me as the Patron of this Association,  I pledge to you that I shall shape my members into the best Human Resource and change ambassadors in the Judiciary country wide in terms of discipline hard work, cleanliness and organization of courts. 

The religion we profess detests uncleanness, laziness, corruption and all other social evils. 

I shall endeavor to establish communication channels with the Commissioner Human Resource to know the performance behavior and conduct of our members while in service. 

The Association shall establish mentorship and disciplinary guidelines that are based on Islamic Principles to shape its members to avoid any vices and ill doings that may bring their careers into disrepute. 

With the help of Islamic scholars and councilors, the Association shall establish a counselling service for its members who have personal, family and marital problems to help then have a good social life so that they can concentrate on their work performance 

We are in preparations of establishing a Savings and Credit Cooperative Society based on Principles of Halal which will boost the financial stability of our members and prepare them into a peaceful retirement. 

We urgently need a Revolving Fund with an initial deposit of 50,000,000/= (fifty million shillings) that is intended to cater for the financial needs of the members 

A member who might need to need to borrow UGX 1,000,000 million shillings for example to pay for school fees, health care or any emergency should be able to borrow from our SACCO / Revolving Fund and pay back later without any interest. 

Our members should never be in distress over loans of money from shacks and banks when we can solve their simple financial emergencies as brothers and sisters. 

We intend to have strategic Engagements with the Judiciary and other stake holders in our charitable projects and help in dissemination of information about Courts of law operations, Judiciary programs to the Muslim communities. 

With the little that the almighty Allah has blessed us with we shall do charitable projects every year aimed at helping the poor, providing education to the vulnerable children especially the girl child and more that Allah might enable us to do. 

We are a spiritual professional group and we shall endeavor to respect authority and work within the ambits of the Laws of Uganda. 

I thank you all for listening to me May you enjoy your stay with us. 

Thank you the Principal Judge for sparing time out of your busy schedule to be with us today. 

May Allah bless you!! . 
Asalam alaikum 

THE ANNAUAL DINNER OF JUDICIARY MUSLIMS ASSOCIATION Justice Musa Ssekaana the patron of the JUDICIARY MUSLIMS ASSOCIATION Hon. Flavian ZeijaJustice Musa Ssekaana the patron of the JUDICIARY MUSLIMS ASSOCIATION Justice Musa Ssekaana the patron of the JUDICIARY MUSLIMS ASSOCIATION The Muslims Association in Kampala, Uganda