I have great pleasure in placing before readers, the Second Edition of ''Civil procedure and practice in Uganda". 
The book has been warmly welcomed and highly appreciated by law students, lecturers, critics, lawyers and judicial officers.


In this Edition, I have made an attempt to explain the principles of law as well as statutory provisions of the High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court. Some decisions of other Commonwealth Jurisdictions and textbooks have been included to add to the qualitative value of the book. 

In this Edition, I have included new topics and almost all the Chapters have been revised and wherever necessary rewritten keeping in view the widening interests of the scholars, Bench, Bar and Law Students. 

It is hoped that this book will provide a means of understanding the concepts of civil litigation, promoting an understanding of fundamental principles involved so that the various rules which govern civil litigation can be more easily understood and applied. 

I am gratefully indebted to all those who helped us in the previous edition and in the revision of the present work. I am equally thankful to Mboliya Abale Amin for availing Judicial Decisions, Kabega Musa Nagawa Associated Advocates and M/s Ssekaana Associated Advocates & Consultants for their valuable comments and suggestions. 

I am also grateful to my beloved wife Namusobya Salima, Lovely daughter Naira and sweet son Musa Ssekaana (Jr) for their kind cooperation. I  express my appreciation to the staff of Law Africa Publishers for expediting the publication of this Edition and the encouragement to produce a second edition. 

I have made all efforts to make the book much more useful and up and to date. I hope and trust that like the previous Edition, this Edition will be also be welcomed by the readers. 
I will be happy in receiving comments from our esteemed readers for the improvement of this book for any additions and alterations in the next edition of the book. 

Ssekaana Musa 
P.O. Box 70075  
Kampala- Uganda 
March, 2016