A guide to last Will & Testament writing in Uganda by Musa Ssekaana. G.O.U
Succession law in Uganda deals with the management, administration, distribution and acquisition of property and rights of a deceased person. This is either in accordance with the deceased person’s wishes which are usually expressed in a will or in accordance with statutory laws enacted by Parliament. President Museveni signed the Succession Amendment Bill 2022 into law on April 10, 2022, which had been passed on 8th February 2022.

The new law finally addresses the uncertainties and misinterpretations in the past law on the distribution and management of estates of persons who do not leave wills, following the gap caused by the ruling in Law and Advocacy for Women in Uganda(LAWU) vs Attorney General, Const. Petitions No. 13/2005 and 05/2006.  The Act also clarifies various issues dealing with gender equality, affirmative action,  promotion of succession and maintenance rights of members of the family hence aligning the Succession Act with the Constitution.

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